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Children’s integration centre and kindergarten, LTD (DIC) is a private establishment providing complex care (developmental, educational, physiotherapeutical and social) and services to healthy children and children with handicaps or special needs.

telephone/fax: +420 241 470 291
e-mail: dic.saop@volny.cz
address: Hurbanova 1285, 142 00 Praha 4
director: Ing. Mgr. Sevila Kacenova – tel: +420 602 953 075

Children’s centre and kindergarten offer:

    • Special kindergarten – recorded in school registry, capacity of 120 children, mixed age classrooms, integrating healthy children with those with special needs, bilingual classroom (English), training facility for students of Pedagogy and other specializations
    • Special education centre – provides help to families of children with physical and combined disabilities and special health needs (special education and psychology counseling, diagnosis, family counseling, therapy and personality development, re-education of specific learning and behavioral disorders, speech and language therapy, social-legal counseling, assistance with inclusion of children into standard or alternative preschools and elementary schools, complex psychological and special education evaluations)
    • Private health centre - physiotherapeutical care, exercising in warm water pool, gym ball exercises, whirlpool baths, sauna, yoga, breathing exercises, self massage using special balls, ceramics
    • Krabicka mountain house in Albrechtice, Jizerske hory – accommodation
    • Cafe Start – training facility opened in 2013

All DIC activities embrace the idea of healthy lifestyle (positive attitude, inclusion, complex care in all areas, activities of an individual, systemic approach to an individual and to a family, healthy eating habits, sustainability).

DIC closely cooperates with Association for active recreation and integration of handicapped (SAOP) located at the same building. It is an independent association of people striving to improve life conditions of children with disabilities. Members include specialists professionally involved in their care (curative stays, Mother’s club Kaminek, active parenting project, Eco-projects, European volunteer services, non-traditional wheelchair accessible playground with multifunctional rock and wooden elements, learning outdoor activity stations, garden revitalization, zootherapy).