Children’s Integration Centre and Kindergarten

The Children’s Integration Centre and Kindergarten was established in 1998. It is among the oldest private institutions of this kind in the country, providing pre-school care to around 100 children aged 2 to 7. The children are divided into 6 groups; one of them is located in a new wooden building. Four of the groups are mixed-aged, one is for children aged 2 – 3 and one is for children aged 5 – 6, who attend the obligatory pre-school programme.

Children with special needs benefit from various degrees of support and are eligible for other services, such as physiotherapy, so that they can learn and prosper as best as they can.

The kindergarten serves as a teaching kindergarten for the Department of Special Education, Faculty of Education, Charles University. Several professional secondary and higher education institutions send students here for practical training.

The integration centre and kindergarten are complemented by a counselling centre (called the Special Education Centre), which provides a wide range of services: pedagogical and psychological care, speech therapy, counselling for teachers and parents, crisis intervention, etc.

The facility also has its own private physiotherapy centre. It offers a number of activities, such as exercises based on neurophysiology, warm water exercises, stability balls and sauna. These activities are greatly beneficial for the development of children with physical or combined disabilites.

Apart from children with physical and combined disabilities, we provide education and physiotherapy for children with speech issues, autism, diabetes and allergies. We help children whose mother tongue is not Czech and those at risk of psychological problems caused by difficult family situations (divorce, an ill parent, etc.).

Our sister organisations include Café Start, a social business employing young people with a disability, and the Krabička guesthouse in the Jizera Mountains. The guesthouse is used for school trips, group events and is open to the parents of our clients as well as to guests from the general public. 

The kindergarten’s educational programme (each school and pre-school has its own) is called From Life to Life. It is based on promoting health and creating good conditions for inclusion.

The tuition fee depends on how many hours per week the child spends in the kindergarten and ranges from EUR 1,000 to 1,270 per year. Two-year-old children pay EUR 1,170.

Sevila Kačenová, Founder and Director
Blanka Sárazová, Deputy for Education
phone: +420 241 470 291

How to reach us
Take the metro to the Kačerov station (on the C line), then continue by bus no. 189 or no. 215 to the Sídliště Krč station

Hurbanova 1285, 142 00, Praha 4, Czech Republic

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